Talent is everywhere. Opportunities are not.

Virtual internships give students the freedom to schedule internships around their educational and extracurricular commitments. With virtual internships, there is no obligation to absorb the cost of relocating. With a strong internet connection, virtual interns can work from home, dorm rooms, apartments, or even while traveling the globe.

GEOinterns focuses on providing virtual internships at fast-growing tech companies that are agile and familiar with remote workers. All disciplines that exist in a tech start-up are perfect opportunities for GEOinterns.

Services Collage

GEOinterns helps companies develop virtual internships for our participants. Most of our internships cannot be found on posting sites; they are custom-created opportunities just for GEOinterns.

Getting good jobs in the high-tech industry is always about relationships. When we work with our corporate partners, we develop a deep understanding of their company’s needs and culture. We believe in developing strong long-term relationships with hiring managers. Their success is our success.

GEOinterns utilizes several online platforms that support its students in developing a high-quality professional brand. We focus on assisting our interns in managing their LinkedIn profiles, creating a polished CV, and a top-notch video introduction that are shared with potential employers.

Virtual Internships are project-based work. Interns are assigned manageable, well-thought-out work assignments that could be accomplished off-site and then evaluated via video-conferencing or other collaborative online tools. The work is done when and where the interns can manage it, as long as it meets the companies needs and deadlines. For example, here are some possible skills and assignments that our interns can expect:

  • photography and illustration
  • Photoshop assignments
  • writing assignments
  • data acquisition
  • data representation
  • market research
  • editing
  • market analysis
  • market trends
  • answering customer support questions
  • code quality assurance (testing software code for bugs)
  • software back and front-end development
  • cultural appropriateness testing (including localization of images and text to various global locations)
  • posting brand messages on various media channels—Brand Ambassadors
 Man and Bike Lie on Concrete

This is just a small sample of tasks our virtual interns could be asked to perform. As such, these interns will work with teams of professionals from Marketing, Sales, Data, Software Development, HR, Customer Support, and IT departments. Our interns learn real skills on the job, all from the comfort of their familiar environments.

We Help You Get to Success

Finding Suitable Internship
  • Consultation on your professional profile and the marketplace
  • Identifying a quality internship within a technology firm that matches your skill set and goals
Preparing You to Get It
  • Resume review
  • LinkedIn profile setup
  • Introductory videotaped interview preparation and video resume promotion
Support During and After
  • Internship coaching during the internship
  • Report on your progress on key employability matrix at the end of the internship
  • An option to spend up to five days on site at the Internship location
  • A LinkedIn reference and skills recommendation at the successful completion of the internship
  • Alumni discounts

Problems With Traditional Internships

Is This You?

Portrait of Shihuan Zhao

I would like to learn about the industry, but I don’t know anyone. I have no connections. How do I even start figuring it all out?

Portrait of Shane Spiegelman

It’s all about relationships. GEOinterns partners with companies big and small and we cultivate long-term relationships with industry leaders. And because of this, we have access to internships that never appear on any online boards. We understand precisely what employers want and need, and we help our students discover just the right fit for their skill sets and their passions. Our relationships become our students’ industry connections.

Portrait of Astrid Andersen

I still go to school and also have family responsibilities at home. I just can’t take off for a few months. I need to start learning about the industry from home, keeping to my location and hours.

Portrait of Shane Spiegelman

GEOinterns was founded on the principle that talented people live all over the world, but opportunities to employ those talents in an exciting industry are not evenly distributed. We help our students find just the right virtual internship to grow their careers while working at the times and locations that fit their lives. “Do the work you love at the place and time of your choice.” That’s what virtual internships are all about.

Portrait of Kurt Schneider

It’s too expensive to move far from home for an internship.

Portrait of Shane Spiegelman

Unfortunately, opportunities are not equally distributed around the world. Not everyone has the resources to try out an industry in a faraway place. Virtual internships allow students to try an industry or job without leaving their home support systems. “Do the work you love at the place and time of your choice.” That’s what virtual internships are all about.

Portrait of Jae-jin Tan

I’m worried that I’m not ready. I need support with how to act, how to dress, how to speak. While my technical skills are solid, my interpersonal skills need development.

Portrait of Shane Spiegelman

Even the most talented people need help. While tech skills may be the same, corporate cultures vary widely around the globe. GEOinterns works with each student to help them develop the skills they need to thrive in the corporate world. We help identify improvements to our students’ LinkedIn profiles and their CVs. We have structured supports for video interviews. We get our students ready to succeed.

Portrait of Aiesha Clark

Because of my physical disability, my work-space requires wheelchair access. My apartment is all set up and I’m ready and eager to use my talents. I just need a chance.

Portrait of Shane Spiegelman

Even the most talented people need help sometimes. We all need support. Unfortunately, it takes time and a lot of effort to develop support systems in far away places. Virtual internships allow students to try out an industry or a job without leaving their home network of support. We help our students to do the work they love at the place and time of their choice—that’s what virtual internships are all about.

Portrait of Dilshad Javid

I would like to try before committing to a big move.

Portrait of Shane Spiegelman

Moving to another city or starting out in a new industry is difficult. It’s wise to try before making the leap. At GEOinterns, we help our students make that difficult decision, while providing support all the way. Not only do we aid with personal brand development, but we give our students opportunities to gain experience virtually through our network of corporate partners. We provide our students with access to jobs not available on any online listing, and we assist them in getting hired for those jobs.

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