Talent is everywhere. Opportunities are not.

Why Do I Have To Pay For This Service?

Finding and cultivating quality corporate partners for virtual internships is time consuming. But here at GEOinterns, we don’t only work on developing quality internships, we work hard to match our interns’ skills and goals to the corporate partners’ expectations. Because even the best qualified intern placed in a wrong position will end in all-around failure. We work hard to prevent this. This is what’s regarded in the industry as “high touch.”

Sometimes, an intern wants a traditional internship. Sometimes, a virtual internship better matches the intern’s needs and constraints. We support both.

When we learn our interns’ aspirations and talents, we use our unique methods to promote them and advance their career development. And GEOinterns’ student services don’t stop once the internship begins. Our team is here to help throughout this adventure.

Students only pay $100 deposit with their first employer interview. The remaining fees are paid at the time of the Offer Letter acceptance. And there is a money back guarantee if GEOinterns cannot find an internship that matches the skills and goals of students.

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What You Get When Enrolling

  • Consultation on your profile, skill set, and corporate marketplace
  • Resume review
  • Video interview preparation and video resume promotion
  • A quality internship within a technology firm
  • Internship coaching during the internship
  • Report on your progress on key employability matrix at the end of the internship
  • A reference letter at the successful completion of the internship
  • An option to spend up to five days on site at the corporate location
  • Alumni discounts

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