Talent is everywhere. Opportunities are not.

GEOinterns supports both traditional and virtual internships. Virtual internships allow a constant stream of student interns from around the globe. There are no scheduling restrictions, and the company gets access to the on-the-ground intelligence. It’s never been easier to localize content and make sure that corporate-messaging is culturally appropriate. Virtual internships are a valuable addition to any diversity program.

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Best Reasons to Start a Virtual Internship Program at Your Company

Most companies have joined the bandwagon and recognized the value of offering internships. Recruitment for these spots is usually a local affair, considering the cost to the students relocating and at best working for low wages. There are a few important best strategies and best practices that are lost in this approach. Cue in the virtual Internship concept.

Here are five good reasons to start a virtual internship program.

  1. Diversity: Talent is everywhere. Opportunities are not. Virtual internships expand your reach to acquire talent to the whole globe.
  2. Expand The Pool: Finding talent is a numbers game. The wider the search, the more amazing talent will be discovered.
  3. Project-based Work: If you are looking for real work to be done, virtual internships might be a strategic choice. Students seeking virtual internships are looking for real projects. And students have access to research tools via their universities, in addition to being part of the local youth culture.
  4. Time-Independent: Virtual internships extend the students’ availability to work on corporate projects your-round. As a company, you are no longer subject to ebbs and flow of interns linked to school holidays.
  5. Budget Flexibility: Regardless of your company’s views on unpaid internships, virtual interns are more likely to accept unpaid internships because they don’t have relocation expenses.

Okay. I said there are only offer five reasons. I lied. Here is one more.

  1. Localization: Many firms have found virtual interns are perfect for localizing their marketing and operational efforts in various parts of the world. Virtual internships are a perfect way to obtain local matter experts.

And finally, perhaps the most compelling reason for starting a virtual internship at your company—do good. Virtual internships allow companies to help those, who by virtue of their location, are not able to get quality access to interesting, future-forward jobs. When your company gives someone from the other side of the world (or just from the other side of the tracks) a chance, you do good in the world. And that might be the most compelling reason of all.

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Why Work With Us?

GEOinterns has deep expertise in the fast-growing technology sector. We work to maintain a vast network of relationships with hiring managers all over the world. In a world where the next big opportunity relies on “being in the know,” we will help your students find just the right internship to further their careers.

We don’t only have a large network of industry insiders, but we developed online tools and support structures that help promote individual students. We use these tools to get the placement each student deserves based on their unique set of skills and temperamental makeup.

For those students that can afford to travel, GEOinterns sets up onsite corporate visits for its interns. Such visits tend to be short enough not to require additional visa paperwork for international students. An onsite visit is good ways to extend and enrich the experience of virtual internship, but it is by no means required. We work to satisfy the unique needs of each of our interns.

Internships, virtual or otherwise, help shape students’ professional profiles. But they are but one part of it. GEOinterns helps each of its interns to develop an overall personal market brand. We help review their CVs; we work with shaping their LinkedIn profiles; we negotiate recommendation letters from the managers from their virtual internships. We also help with identifying and standardizing their skills set and match them to the most requested on LinkedIn. We also ask our corporate partners to “up vote” those skills on LinkedIn if they find that their virtual interns did a great job for them.

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Why Video Interviews?

GEOinterns uses video interviews as a way to present its virtual internship candidates to its corporate partners. Our candidates live all over the world, and we believe that the best way to present them is through short introduction videos. These videos don’t replace the traditional Skype interviews, but they do have many advantages for our corporate partners:

  1. It is very easy to judge the conversational English skills of the candidate within the first few seconds of the video.
  2. The video format is great creating a quick impression of the candidate’s temperament. The potential employer can make a fast determination if the candidate is the right fit for the team.
  3. Unlike in-person interviews, video introductions allow managers to quickly screen multiple candidates in a time efficient manner.
  4. Video introductions are time-independent—managers can view as many candidates as convenient at the time and place of their choosing. There is no longer a need to put aside whole days for potential candidate screenings. The best video interviews can be shared among the team to make the hiring process collaborative and yet not burdensome.
  5. Video interviews are standardized—all candidates focus on the same themes, making it much easier to compare one to another to make the final interview pick.
  6. Video introductions can remove the awkwardness of saying “no” in person.

Subsequent to the selection process via resumes and introductory video interviews, the few chosen interns can participate in a real-time video conferencing with the decision makers to finalize the hiring choice.

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It is all about student outcomes and serving a more diverse population of students with methods to help their employability. Virtual internships help level the playing field.