Talent is everywhere. Opportunities are not.

Why is there an additional fee for paid internships?
There are a lot fewer paid internships and the process of competing for those is more rigorous. It takes a lot more work for GEOinterns to prepare our candidates for those virtual internships. The process might require developing student’s portfolio work, student testing, and additional, in-depth interviews with our corporate partners. Even though paid virtual internships are more time and effort for all, they are worth it in the end.
What are the chances of getting a full-time offer?
Our corporate partners seek interns with various motivations in mind. If a corporate partner is using the internship process as part of their recruitment process, then the chances of an offer are good. This, of course, is highly dependent on the success of the project and the quality of interns’ work.
Do I need visa paperwork?
While a visit to a corporate partner’s location is not necessary for a virtual internship, it is nonetheless desirable by many interns. GEOinterns sets up opportunities for its students to visit the corporate campuses and to meet with the project teams and managers in person, either before or after the project’s completion. For international students, only a tourist Visa might be required for such visits.
Why do I have to do a video interview to promote myself?
While video is not a requirement, we highly recommend participating in this professional brand exercise. A short, introductory video provides information that cannot be found on a resume. GEOinterns finds that such videos are very effective at presenting our students to our corporate partners, increasing their chances of getting the virtual internships.
Is it difficult to be admitted into the program?
No. Our goal is to service as many students as possible in finding the internship of their dreams. We will review your resume and have a discussion on which type of position is a proper fit. If we have high confidence of success in finding your target internship, you will be admitted into the program.
What if my background and goals may not fit the profile of an internship in a tech company?
We would be happy to engage and discuss a search that is more customized to your background and aspirations.
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Is a Virtual Internship for You?

Internships used to be one of those quaint things that were a “nice to have” on a resume. Proud parents often had connections in town to help get their children “work” experience the last summer before the graduation ceremony.

Times have changed. The expectation is that students have had several, if not more, quality internships prior to entering the workforce. We now live in a global economy, and it’s unlikely mom and dad’s business connections are going to secure just the right work opportunity for their kids. Along with these escalating internship one-upmanships, the costs of higher education are soaring as well. Students are competing academically and professionally. The one with the best resume wins.

There are many costs associated with doing an internship far from home. There are the transportation costs to the city of the company offering the internship. If that location is international, the student might be required to get visas, which might be both expensive and difficult. The expenses don’t stop with just the travel costs, of course. If the student doesn’t have a local support network in the location of the internship, then there are housing, transportation, food, medical, and other expenses to consider. All this is in addition to the cost of giving up any home-bound opportunities—part-time jobs, family responsibilities, sports teams, school work, extracurricular classes, and even personal relationships. There are hidden costs to internships. The timing and location of traditional internships often become barriers to participation. It’s a difficult puzzle.

Virtual internships are a new breed of internships where students work from their home bases. A virtual internship is a good choice for a young adult who recognizes the need for real work experience and yet lacks the opportunity to get it…in person. A virtual internship is a “doable” alternative. It allows students to work from home and set their own hours. The work is available year-long. There are no costs to relocating, and yet it’s possible to get that Silicon Valley experience. Visas are no longer an issue. All that’s required are a will to work and a good internet connection.

Virtual internships also have a surprising additional benefit. Some students like to take time off between school and the start of their work life. While virtual internships could be done from home, they could also be done from anywhere in the world! With a virtual internship, a student can literally travel the globe, experience other cultures, all the while gaining valuable work experience. What can be better than that?

If this sounds like a good path forward, GEOinterns can help. We work with fast-growing tech companies that actually prefer to have remote workers. Many of these companies allow a week or so for their virtual interns to visit their HQ location in person to kick-off a project. GEOinterns make such visits possible, but the choice is yours—does this fit your life plans?

GEOinterns wants you to take advantage of our corporate relationships. We can kick the doors open for you.

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Why Video Interviews?

GEOinterns uses video interviews as a way to present its virtual internship candidates to its corporate clients. Our candidates live all over the world, and we believe that the best way to present them is through short video introductory interview followed by real-time video interviews. Such video introductions have many advantages for the interns we work with:

  1. Introductory video Interviews are well structured—you know the questions in advance and can prepare just the right responses.
  2. For the introductory interviews, you can retake portions of the video multiple times to create just the perfect final interview.
  3. For the introductory interviews, you do the video interview at the time and place of your choosing—no need to travel, no need to take time off from other activities, no need to stress.
  4. You can see samples of other introductory internship-winning video interviews to model your own.
  5. GEOinterns provides a detailed set of instructions on how to make the best initial video interview to get that internship, in addition to a list of pointers for the final video interview.
  6. Because these initial interviews are not done in real time, the stress of dealing with a potential employer is greatly reduced.
  7. The initial video interviews are great at building skills for real-time video interviews as well as face-to-face interviews.

Tips for Video Interviews

The video introduction helps prospective employers get to know you. Smile. Slow down. Show them the real you, while keeping it professional. You want your future internship to be a good match for you.

Here’s a list of simple tips that will help you make a more professional video interview:

  • Dress professionally. How you present yourself matters, even if you won’t be making regular visits to the actual office.
  • Maintain eye contact with the camera during the entire time. Do not look away or close your eyes. Professionalism shows through even on a video.
  • For the introductory interviews, think what you want to say, write it down, edit it, practice reading it, then practice saying without looking at the paper, then proceed to video. Remember that you can take multiple takes. Take the time to do it right.
  • Make sure that the room you are using for your video interview is well-lit.
  • Make sure that there is no outside noise in the background—screaming, loud conversations, sirens, trains, all take away from your presentation.
  • Make sure that you have an appropriate background behind you—a blank wall is better than a busy street.
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